Chief Operating Officer

In a Nutshell:

Gaditek is headhunting a battle-hardened master of execution to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Cyber Security division.

As the Second-in-Command, you will be working with some of the brightest minds in Product Development & Management, Technology & Engineering, Growth & Marketing and Global Distributed Infrastructure. You will be reporting directly to the CEO.

We need someone who understands that hardcore execution is what matters most. Someone who understands that a culture of Product Love, Customer-Centricity, Urgency, Can-Do spirit, and a touch of Paranoia are essential for winning in any highly competitive Industry. Someone who understands the burning Cyber Security and Privacy questions of today with a good vision on the future. Our ideal candidate combine business acumen and technical battle scars.

Once you are here, you will:


  • Plan and anticipate factors that come into play and ready the Org for massive scaling. While the CEO and Advisors have chalked out a grand vision for the Org, you are required to complement the CEO’s skillset by bringing in the scaling experience that is missing “in the room”.
  • Participate in the Long-Term, Annual and Quarterly strategy exercises with the Management Team, Finance Business Partner and the HR Business Partner to set comprehensive goals for performance and growth.
  • Coordinate Marketing, Product and Engineering and other relevant actors to effectively deliver growth.


  • Work closely with the founding team to reboot and redefine the established culture and core values derived from Vision and Mission statements. Establish policies that promote the legendary “Silicon Valley” mindset of urgency, urge for excellence and an insatiable desire for growth.
  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication. Promote the love of Customers through mindset and behavioral change.
  • Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics to share feedback, set ambitious goals and drive team’s growth and performance.


  • Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (Engineering, Product, Marketing, Finance Business Partners, HR Business Partners, etc.).
  • Be accountable for the cay-to-cay operations and Quarterly OKRs.
  • Review and Redesign existing structures, processes, frameworks (OKRs, Agile/Scrum, RACI, RACE and others) & rituals, and implement business strategies, plans and procedures accordingly.
  • Bring clarity (fast enough) in ambiguous/complex situations.
  • Own and deliver SLAs to consumers and partners.
  • Manage relationships with Advisors and Key Partners.
  • Assist the CEO through acquisition, M&A, equity and fundraising ventures.
  • Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances, etc.)


  • Position the right people in the right places. Groom from inside and bring in people from outside where necessary.
  • Reboot the middle management layer. Closely work with current mostly home-grown middle management to provide exposure and unlearn myths and misconceptions.
  • Set expectations high enough for the people super-charging people in their roles, pushing for maximizing their output & dedication.
  • Curate data and conduct CFRs / Appraisals effectively. Be strict and on-spot with micro-feedback.

What does GADITEK offer you?

GADITEK is a new age technology company that is focused on just one thing: keeping you relevant in the market. We work hard. Harder than most other places of work in the same hours. But we also purposefully find ways to allow our teams to enjoy work together. As a result, we’re among the best companies to work for in Pakistan with a plethora of benefits and an amazing culture.

Working with us, you will never have to worry about being left behind in the market or losing your market value. You will always remain market competitive, work on challenging new projects that require you to put your knowledge and experience to create amazing solutions that you’re proud of and which help us go to new places.

Application instructions:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a relevant domain from a renowned university.
  • Must have a diverse background, working in various roles structurally and consistently throughout your career. This is critical for your success in this all-overseeing role as a COO.
  • Must have deep mastery in communicating complex matters and communicating within diverse departments and groups with amazing clarity and buy-in.
  • Must have prior experience scaling a “new age” organization beyond $50M in ARR.
  • Deeply understands the customers and personas.
  • Has a bias for action.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, strong commercial acumen, grit, and deep appreciation for quality.


  • Must have experience of global expansion to know how to do it fast and accurate.
  • When expanding into multiple locations, how to recruit, integrate and align cultures.


  • Must have a good understanding of creating a strong brand internally and externally in a lean fashion.
  • Strong understanding of Communication Strategy.
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