Digital Marketing Executive

In a Nutshell:

GADITEK is in search of a Digital Marketing Executive (Communities) for supporting its efforts in managing online communities, and ensuring a healthy environment where our members can connect with us and one another through meaningful conversations that create value.

This role requires someone who can act as an advocate on behalf of the company by representing the business on a very personal level to our customers. Someone who has the ability to understand and articulate technical solutions and how they can solve customer problems. Someone who understands community building, can leverage customer feedback to derive product innovation, has excellent communication skills, and can use that to proactively engage in conversations, respond to and connect community members one another.

In this role, you will also advocate on behalf of the customer, monitoring conversations and providing feedback to the company. Hence, we need someone who has a deep understanding of online interactions and are able to clearly understand what drives engagement by leading conversations, addressing feedback, connecting our customers to us, and building an amazing and valuable online experiences for our followers and fans.

Why is this role important for GADITEK’s work?

GADITEK’s mission is to support our brands with the right talent so they can take us to new levels of excellence in existing and non-existing areas; and in the process, make them more valuable and ensure their relevance in the marketplace.

To achieve this, we believe in creating massive value and delivering it through meaningful interactions with our target audience. One of the best ways to do that is to nurture amazing communities. Communities that have an amazing culture of creating value, and that will connect our brands to customers at a personal level.

This is where your role as DME Communities comes in.

This role is crucial for establishing and scaling our presence in existing and emerging spaces online by having a direct tab on the changing needs of our customers. Done right, it will accelerate growth of our brands, aid them reach the right audiences through word-of-mouth, and increase customer lifetime value for us.

Once you are here, you will:

  • Build and grow community through identification of customer base, promotion of community, best practices, enablement, content, and strategic initiatives
  • Nurture, manage, and improve community culture. Create a healthy environment for members to connect with each other and facilitate, strengthen, and encourage those relationships.
  • Managing the community. Welcome new members, introducing community members to each other, and moderating community content, and providing customer support to community members.
  • Identify and nurture influencers and super users
  • Maintain a healthy community culture by developing and maintaining community guidelines and policies, and adding and removing members from the community.
  • Manage feedback and complaints and notify key stakeholders. Proactively respond to questions, concerns, complaints, and other communications as appropriate.
  • Gather testimonials and feedback produced in the community, to drive product innovation and guide better use cases.
  • Create strategic content designed to build relationships between members
  • Plan and host online and/or offline events for community members
  • Ensure content needs are addressed by working closely with marketing, content, product management, engineering, customer care, legal, and PR teams to create, launch and promote content. You will actively develop and drive strategy for optimized online customer experience, including facilitating content gaps and SEO of content
  • Proactively create, publish, and post material on social media channels, forums, blogs, and knowledgebase to increase customer success and satisfaction.

What does GADITEK offer you?

GADITEK is a new age company that is focused on just one thing: keeping you relevant in the market and in this age. We do this to make work energetic for you so you’re always learning on the job, and always working on the latest cutting edge, and so that you always know what’s working in your area, and the world of technology as a whole. In turn, we allow you to remain innovative and disruptive, and lead us to new places.

Yes, we work hard. Harder than most other places of work, in the same hours. But we also purposefully find ways to allow our teams to enjoy work together. Working with us, you will never have to worry about being left behind in the market or losing your market value. You will always remain market competitive, work on challenging new projects that will require you to put your existing body of knowledge and experience to create amazing solutions that you’re proud of and helps us go to new places.

We encourage our community to come to work and get charged, so they can go home and have a great time with family and friends. As a result, you will find work challenging yet fulfilling, and structured yet creatively explorative.

Relevant Experience:

  • Experience with digital & interactive marketing concepts & technologies – web, search, social media, community & mobile
  • Experience with data science, big data, and data management
  • Highly self-motivated, organized and professional, including the ability to work independently and partner effectively within and outside of immediate team to achieve desired results
  • Exceptional analytical skills including the ability to synthesize and create insights from a wide variety of data and information types and sources
  • Results driven, attention to detail and follow-through, and ability to work effectively at all levels within the organization
  • Self-starter with proven ability to successfully kick-start new initiatives and to drive complex issues through analysis and resolution.
  • Experience with social media communication tools/technology
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; the ability to articulate technical solutions and how they can solve customer business problems to all audiences
  • Proficiency in using web analytics products like Google Analytics

Remote Work During COVID19 Pandemic

Work from home is mandatory for all Gaditians during the COVID19 pandemic. To enable our teams to work remotely, Gaditek has introduced the following:

  • UPS for Critical Staff
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Internet Device
  • Pausing all pending Loan Installments
  • Additional OPD Benefits for our Office Staff
  • Dedicated hotlines to our support teams

A special fund has been set up to support all Gaditians and their families in case of a worst-case shutter-down scenario in any area that limits access and availability to food and basic amenities. Gaditians are a family and we are committed to moving forward and through this pandemic together as one.

Additionally, our Admin team is on standby at all times to help Gaditians in any way they can. Finally, a detailed WFH policy and guide to enable productive work from home for all teams are available.

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