Head Of Legal and Compliance

In a Nutshell:

Gaditek is looking for a smart and motivated individual to head its Legal, Governance, and Compliance Department. The key responsibility under this job role would be to set the strategic direction of the Legal Governance Risk and Compliance Department and to build and manage the team. We expect a hands-on approach, sound knowledge, and the relevant experience of providing legal counsel to the CEO, Executive Committee, and other senior management. 

The candidate must possess excellent management and leadership skills as well as strong business acumen. The ideal candidate will understand our requirements fully and set the right direction for the team in a way that best facilitates our business goals.

Why is this role important for GADITEK’s work?

Gaditek’s mission is to support its brands with the right talent so they can take us to new levels of excellence in existing and non-existing areas; and in the process, make them more valuable and relevant in the marketplace. 

This role is critical to the success and growth of our product and service offerings and ensuring successful and timely delivery of reliable software solutions.

Once you are here, you will:

  • Set the strategic direction of the Legal Governance Risk & Compliance (LGRC) unit as a whole
  • Advise the organization’s Executive Committee on all legal and compliance matters, and ensure the effective implementation of the Legal Risk policies of the organization across all business units
  • Collaborate with the organizations Executive Committee peers to develop strategic objectives, and anticipate global trends related to Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance concerns and identify probable impacts on
  • Manage Business Risk by acting as the Business Principal Risk Owner in respect of the Regulatory and Legal Principal Risks in accordance with the organization’s principal risk policy
  • Manage the identification of applicable external compliance requirements.
  • Oversee the interpretation of applicable compliance requirements.
  • Manage the analysis of possible regulatory compliance threats/risks.
  • Review the Organization’s level of compliance with legislation and regulations and report findings to the Risk committee and Audit committee or board or regulators
  • Provide training, advice, and support to the business on new legislation and amendments
  • Be responsible for reporting as appropriate to senior management/EXCO, Board/Board committees, and regulators
  • Align with an understanding of what factors drive the business, business challenges, pressure confronting various business units and the units, and the goals of the organization’s business units
  • Be involved in problem-solving on a strategic level that most of the time affects more than one area of the business
  • Be responsible to lead the LGRC team

What does GADITEK offer you?

Gaditek is a new-age technology company that is focused on just one thing: keeping you relevant in the market. We work hard. Harder than most other places of work in the same hours. But we also purposefully find ways to allow our teams to enjoy work together. As a result, we’re among the best companies to work for in Pakistan with a plethora of benefits and an amazing culture.

Working with us, you will never have to worry about being left behind in the market or losing your market value. You will always remain market competitive, work on challenging new projects that require you to put your knowledge and experience to create amazing solutions that you’re proud of and which help us go to new places.

Relevant Experience:

Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years. The most recent 5 years of experience must be at the senior management level.

Competence and Skills: 

  • Sound knowledge of Legal Risk and Compliance
  • Ability to deal with Regulatory Compliance
  • Strong Advisory skills
  • Ability to manage Business Risk
  • Ability to identify external compliance requirements
  • Excellent Communication, Negotiation, and Problem-solving skills 
  • Must be Performance and Result Oriented 
  • Must be Customer Service Orientated
  • Demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of strategic and operational requirements 
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex data
  • Must be skilled in developing comprehensive reports
  • Knowledge of governmental regulations and compliance requirements
  • Excellent leadership skills with demonstrated ability to effectively lead in a changing environment
  • Knowledge of organizational policies, procedures, systems, and objectives
  • Analytical thinking skills 
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of strategic and operational requirements for Organization
  • Financial experience
  • Ability to interpret legislation and statutes
  • Corporate services management
  • Corporate planning experience

Remote Work During COVID-19:

Work from home is mandatory for all Gaditians during the COVID-19. To enable our teams to work remotely, Gaditek has introduced the following:

  • UPS for Critical Staff
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Internet Device
  • Pausing all pending Loan Installments
  • Additional OPD Benefits for our Office Staff
  • Dedicated hotlines to our support teams

A special fund has been set up to support all Gaditians and their families in case of a worst-case shutter-down scenario in any area that limits access and availability to food and basic amenities. Gaditians are a family and we are committed to moving forward and through this pandemic together as one.

Additionally, our Admin team is on standby at all times to help Gaditians in any way they can. Finally, a detailed WFH policy and guide to enable productive work from home for all teams are available.

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