Lead QA Engineer

In a Nutshell:

Gaditek is looking for a Lead QA Engineer who has the relevant experience and expertise in both Manual and Automation testing. The individual must be able to work with a team to help ensure high quality and timely delivery of releases. The candidate must be able to evaluate and provide solutions to complex problems and offer for QAs to avoid repetitive tasks, perform varieties of testing with the opportunity to contribute to product growth.

Once you are here, you will:

  • To formulate QA standards and best practices, organizational policies and processes, and strategic plans
  • To assist & perform deployments/installations, troubleshooting, and related configurations on different test environment setup/teardown, test automation, and exploratory testing. 
  • To develop & implement Test Plans, effective Use Cases, and with appropriate Manual Testing, techniques, Approaches & management on JIRA.
  • To assess testing needs, procedures, responsibilities & testing schedules.
  • To document detailed automation solutions, codes/configures utilizing Automation tools and methodologies.
  • Responsible to design, create & Execute Proper test scripts with proficiency.
  • To manage documentation of suites of black-box and white-box test.
  • To Identify system issues & ensuring the functional product requirements.
  • Responsible for debugging issues to prevent bugs to ensure quality and comprehensive QA documentation. 
  • Oversees implementation and execution of functional, regression, and acceptance tests. 
  • To record quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts using Open source tools for end-to-end tracking.
  • To Manage ongoing product Optimizations &  feedback loop on automation for defect analysis and resolution.
  • Responsible to support & manage peer work to monitor and report on the progress on their tasks and analyze efforts.
  • To drive Standard tools, frameworks, scripting, and versioning techniques along with API Testing, Performance Testing Tools.
  • To Provide Release walkthrough sessions, demos, code reviews, and training sessions & assists in coaching junior staff, by helping them to make decisions, solve problems.
  • Responsible to Coordinate with cross-functional teams & share feedback in meetings.

What does GADITEK offer you?

Gaditek is a new-age technology company that believes in human-centricity and caring of its employees. We work hard. Harder than most other places of work in the same hours. But we also purposefully find ways to turn the workplace into an energizing space that allows our teams to enjoy work together. As a result, we’re among the best companies to work for in Pakistan with a plethora of benefits and an amazing culture.

Relevant Experience:

  • Masters/Bachelor’s or equivalent degree qualification in Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline.
  • Ability to perform responsibilities in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented & agile environment through collaborative communication with the team.
  • Must possess strong assessment of Product Requirements & Technical Feature Specifications & Functionalities with concepts and logic.
  • 5+ years of Software Testing experience on various Local International Products of Web & Mobile applications including CMS, Ecommerce & other domains.

Remote Work During COVID19 Pandemic

Work from home is mandatory for all Gaditians during the COVID19 pandemic. To enable our teams to work remotely, Gaditek has introduced the following:

  • UPS for Critical Staff
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Internet Device
  • Pausing all pending Loan Installments
  • Additional OPD Benefits for our Office Staff
  • Dedicated hotlines to our support teams

A special fund has been set up to support all Gaditians and their families in case of a worst-case shutter-down scenario in any area that limits access and availability to food and basic amenities. Gaditians are a family and we are committed to moving forward and through this pandemic together as one.

Additionally, our Admin team is on standby at all times to help Gaditians in any way they can. Finally, a detailed WFH policy and guide to enable productive work from home for all teams are available.

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