Senior DevOps Engineer

In a Nutshell:

GADITEK is searching for a capable tactician to join us as a Senior DevOps Engineer and work in our high-performing DevOps environment.

The ideal candidate will be a process-focused individual that leverages his expertise for building and managing applications that benefit our users. Above all, we are looking for team builders who are excited to work in fast-paced and highly rewarding cross-functional environment.

Why is this role important for GADITEK’s work?

GADITEK’s mission is to support its brands with the right talent so they can take us to new levels of excellence in existing and non-existing areas; and in the process, make them more valuable and relevant in the marketplace.

This role is crucial in planning, deploying and maintaining mission-critical applications in distributed and cloud environments. The ideal candidate will help us stay abreast of emerging technologies and developing solutions that ensure we maintain our competitive advantage in the marketspace.

Once you are here, you will:

  • Work with highly-driven professional teams responsible for planning, deploying and maintaining mission-critical applications in distributed and cloud environments.
  • Be responsible for developing components that combine together to solve real-world problems.
  • Work with proven and emerging technologies to continuously improve our products and platforms.
  • Consistently improve your skills by learning, experimenting with new solutions and technologies. Once you have acquired a skillset, you will then transfer your skills to your team.

What does GADITEK offer you?

GADITEK is a new age company that is focused on just one thing: keeping you relevant in the market. We work hard. Harder than most other places of work in the same hours. But we also purposefully find ways to allow our teams to enjoy work together.  As a result, we’re among the top IT and technology companies in Pakistan.

Working with us, you will never have to worry about being left behind in the market or losing your market value. You will always remain market competitive, work on challenging new projects that require you to put your knowledge and experience to create amazing solutions that you’re proud of and which help us go to new places.

Relevant Experience:

  • 3-5 years of experience
  • Has a proven track record of working in a dedicated Devops environment and an appreciation of the DevOps culture.
  • Possesses in depth understanding of the theory and practice of Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment.
  • Good understanding of CI/CD tools and technologies (such as Jenkins)
  • Has worked on at least one public cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean are preferred).
  • Has expert-level knowledge of at least one Infrastructure as Code / Configuration as Code technology (such as Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt)
  • Good understanding of platform and systems’ architecture – modular monoliths, microservices. Knowledge of enabling tools such as Kubernetes will be a plus point.
  • Working knowledge of modern ops technologies, e.g. monitoring, log aggregation, alerting, service discovery.
  • Passionate about learning new technologies and implementing high-value software solutions.
  • Experience with agile methods.

Additional Skills We Value:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • Expertise in Python and Bash Scripting
  • Experienced in working within cross-functional delivery teams, collaborating across UX, Service Design, Front-end, Delivery.
  • Comfortable with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders
  • Love for Linux

Remote Work During COVID19 Pandemic

Work from home is mandatory for all Gaditians during the COVID19 pandemic. To enable our teams to work remotely, Gaditek has introduced the following:

  • UPS for Critical Staff
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Internet Device
  • Pausing all pending Loan Installments
  • Additional OPD Benefits for our Office Staff
  • Dedicated hotlines to our support teams

A special fund has been set up to support all Gaditians and their families in case of a worst-case shutter-down scenario in any area that limits access and availability to food and basic amenities. Gaditians are a family and we are committed to moving forward and through this pandemic together as one.

Additionally, our Admin team is on standby at all times to help Gaditians in any way they can. Finally, a detailed WFH policy and guide to enable productive work from home for all teams are available.

Application instructions:

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