Team Lead Financial Accounting Reporting and Operations FARO

Team Lead Financial Accounting Reporting and Operations FARO

In a Nutshell:

Gaditek is headhunting a Team Lead to take charge of Financial Accounting Reporting & Operations [FARO] for the assigned businesses in one of the project groups. 

In this role, you will be working with both FARO and Business Finance teams. You will be responsible for both financial accounting & reporting and corporate & regulatory compliance of the companies in your assigned project group. Your job role will move between managing day-to-day operations, collaborating with other members of the FARO team, training and development of the FARO and Business Finance teams. Our ideal candidate will be someone who is driven to get things done and views obstacles as an exciting challenge that demands creative solutions.

Once you are here, you will:

Take full ownership of the following areas:

Financial Accounting and Reporting:

  • Keep yourself up to date with the latest knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, and the relevant financial standards adopted in the jurisdiction where the company operates.
  • Be responsible for professional training and development of the staff of the FARO, and the Business Finance teams with respect to the relevant accounting concepts.
  • Determine the accounting treatment of complex transactions in accordance with the applicable financial reporting standards.
  • Perform transactional review of the financial statements belonging to the companies in the assigned Project Group, and taking steps to ensure appropriate classification, description, and accounting treatment of the transactions, and to ensure that the numbers meet the following criteria:

-Accuracy and precision

-Completeness and comprehensiveness

-Reliability and Consistency

-Granularity and Uniqueness

-Timeliness and Relevancy

-Legitimacy and validity

-Availability and Accessibility

  • Prepare financial reporting packs and any custom report for the readers of the financial information. It involves taking feedback from the readers, responding to their queries, and ensuring that the suggested changes are adopted in the monthly financial reporting.
  • Prepare the unaudited financial statements for submission with the financial regulatory agencies (where applicable).
  • Assist the members of the FARO team during the audit of the financial statements and review of final accounts in the light of proposed adjusting entries and their reconciliation with the management financial statements (where applicable).
  • Supervise the implementation of the technological solutions and other proposed automations that affect the generation of financial and non-financial data which has a direct impact on the numbers presented in the financial statements. Such as:

-Inventory Management System

-Fixed Assets Management System

-Inventory Management System

-QuickBooks Online

-Employee Services

  • Supporting initiatives for reducing the gap between current practices, and the applicable financial reporting standard.
  • Review of all work undertaken by the juniors.

Corporate & Regulatory Compliance:

  • Review of all work performed by the corporate secretarial service providers.
  • Fulfill the information and documentary requirements of compliance checks by:

-Payment processors


-Service providers

-Consultants / audit firms

-Regulatory authorities

Relevant Experience:

  • Relevant experience of 2+ years.
  • Certified (full or partial) by ICAP, ACCA, or ICAEW.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to handle the processing of, and analyze multiple large datasets at once.
  • Advanced excel skills.
  • Detailed understanding of the financial reporting principles.
  • Ability to read and understand corporate law, tax law, and international & local financial reporting standards.
  • Excellent management skills, ability to understand and prioritize the work, and have previously led at least a small or medium-sized team to and helped them train for the professional qualification.
  • Has the ability to understand finance and investment-related terminologies.

Remote Work During COVID19 Pandemic

Work from home is mandatory for all Gaditians during the COVID19 pandemic. To enable our teams to work remotely, Gaditek has introduced the following:

  • UPS for Critical Staff
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Internet Device
  • Pausing all pending Loan Installments
  • Additional OPD Benefits for our Office Staff
  • Dedicated hotlines to our support teams

A special fund has been set up to support all Gaditians and their families in case of a worst-case shutter-down scenario in any area that limits access and availability to food and basic amenities. Gaditians are a family and we are committed to moving forward and through this pandemic together as one.

Additionally, our Admin team is on standby at all times to help Gaditians in any way they can. Finally, a detailed WFH policy and guide to enable productive work from home for all teams are available.

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